Prague Zoo raises prices to help animals in the wild

21 Jan 2020

Prague Zoo will be increasing its ticket prices for the first time in eight years but vowed to donate a percentage of the fees to animal charities. 

Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubuček said that the rise in prices will occur on February 1st, going up by 50 crowns. 

This would take adult ticket prices up by 25%, from the current 200 crown pricing whilst tickets for students and children aged between 3 and 15, which are currently priced 150 crowns will increase by 33%. 

Family passes will also rise as from the beginning of next month by 200 crowns, pushing the new price to 800 crowns. However, senior ticket prices together with tickets for those aged over 70 will stay unchanged at 150 crowns and one crown respectively. 

Prague Zoo pledged that it will be donating 60% of its new ticket prices to wildlife charities that help animals in the wild. This comes amid the current wildfires happening in Australia that caused a lot of damage to animals’ habitats. 

The Zoo also set up a “We Help Them to Survive” account to which people could donate money. Around 876,608 CZK were collected three days after the fundraiser was launched. 

Furthermore, the Czech capital zoo was ranked in fourth place worldwide, behind San Diego Zoo, Loro Parque and Singapore Zoo by TripAdvisor.

Despite the change in prices, Prague Zoo is one of the least expensive zoos when compared to the others placed in TripAdvisor’s list.