How to choose the right school for your children in Europe

26 Mar 2020

Europe has some of the best and most expensive private schools in the world. As a parent, you want the best education for your children, but you also need to look at the budget. 

Schooling in Europe is generally government funded and English is compulsory in all schools. If you prefer a private English school, then you need to consider the costs. The most expensive schools are not necessarily the best schools. You need to consider aspects such as curriculum, teachers, extra-curricular activities and parental support and after care.

Tips to find the best school that matches your personal requirements

•    Budget is probably the most important aspect – You need to find the best school within your budget. Compare private school fees.
•    Visit the schools on your short list – get a feel for the culture, the teachers and facilities to determine if your child would fit in.
•    Determine which curriculum you want your children to follow – Do you want to follow a British or American based curriculum, or perhaps a local one.  Will your children attend a university in Europe or study in another country other than their home country? This will determine what curriculum they should follow.
•    Some schools include international projects in their extra-curricular activities that help build a portfolio for university applications.
•    Location is also very important – You need a school that is as close to your home as possible. Remember, your commute to work will be lengthened if you need to drop your children off at a school that isn’t on the way to work. Look into school transport services. Does your school of choice offer a shuttle service or school bus?
•    Some schools may require an entrance exam or interview with your child first, before short listing them.
•    Many schools require registration up to a year in advance and may need a non-refundable deposit to secure a place for your child.
•    Some schools have long waiting lists, so make sure you apply now for next year.
•    Start getting all the necessary documentation required together e.g. transfer letters, latest school reports, passports, birth certificates etc. 

Getting your child enrolled in a new school in Europe seems like a daunting task, but if you start early enough and do your homework, then it should make the process easier.

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